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Look Down: It's Your Floor

Take a second, wherever you are right now, to look down. You'll see your floor. Chances are, it has been a while since you last thought about your floor. You could probably go years without giving it much thought, other than for a periodic cleaning. But it can pay to spend more time thinking about your floor. The more you know about floors, the better you'll be able to care for yours. A little knowledge can also help you make smarter choices when the time comes to replace your floor. Browse this blog, do some reading, and the world of floors will open up to you.



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5 Reasons Epoxy Is Better Than Paint For Garage Floors

Concrete garage floors can be unattractive, especially if there are fluid stains or other visible damage. A floor coating protects the concrete as well as covers up old stains so the flooring looks nicer. Epoxy and paint are commonly used floor coatings, but epoxy is the better choice as the following illustrates. 1. Cost Although epoxy costs more than paint up front, you will likely save more with epoxy in the long run. Read More