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Take a second, wherever you are right now, to look down. You'll see your floor. Chances are, it has been a while since you last thought about your floor. You could probably go years without giving it much thought, other than for a periodic cleaning. But it can pay to spend more time thinking about your floor. The more you know about floors, the better you'll be able to care for yours. A little knowledge can also help you make smarter choices when the time comes to replace your floor. Browse this blog, do some reading, and the world of floors will open up to you.



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3 Advantages Of Installing Epoxy Floors At Your Business Premises
8 November 2021

If you are a business owner, you've got to invest


3 Advantages Of Installing Epoxy Floors At Your Business Premises

If you are a business owner, you've got to invest in your business premises' appearance because it determines how walk-in customers perceive your brand. And since the floor is one of the first things people notice when they stop by your enterprise, ensure you invest in a flooring solution that upholds your brand image.

Many business owners have embraced epoxy floors because of their sleek finish. You too should jump on this bandwagon and here is why.


Epoxy flooring is among the most durable floors currently in the market. Epoxy's durability is attributed to the resin mixture it's composed of. The strong chemical bond in this solution guarantees that, upon proper installation, your epoxy floor remains intact for years to come.

This makes it perfect for your business because your enterprise experiences high foot traffic which translates to heavy floor use. A durable floor solution will remain in top condition over an extended period despite the extensive usage, allowing you to push back floor replacement for a couple more years.

If your current flooring is concrete, consider coating it with epoxy to extend its lifespan and save you floor repair and restoration costs. The upgrade allows your flooring to withstand the weight of human traffic and equipment without sustaining cracks that evenly cause concrete floors to cave in.

Moisture Resistant

The strong chemical bond between the components of epoxy solution makes it a waterproof flooring solution that prevents water from penetrating to your flooring system's subbase. Engaging professional floor installers for your epoxy flooring upgrade guarantees that your floor won't sustain moisture damage.

Moisture-resistant flooring is essential for every business premise because this is the only way to prevent mold growth. Even if you've never experienced a mold problem at your place of business, you have a rough idea of the damage it can cause; aside from compromising the building's structural integrity, mold can also damage your goods and equipment.

Investing in epoxy flooring ensures you don't have to deal with the aftermath of mold growth for as long as you occupy your current commercial space.


As a business owner, you're obligated to provide your employees with a safe working environment. And an excellent place to start is installing a flooring solution that does not encourage falling accidents. Epoxy flooring is the perfect candidate for the job because its slip-resistance keeps your employees' feed solidly grounded throughout working hours.

If you've been contemplating a commercial flooring upgrade, this is your cue to engage professional floorers for epoxy flooring installation.