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5 Reasons Epoxy Is Better Than Paint For Garage Floors

Concrete garage floors can be unattractive, especially if there are fluid stains or other visible damage. A floor coating protects the concrete as well as covers up old stains so the flooring looks nicer. Epoxy and paint are commonly used floor coatings, but epoxy is the better choice as the following illustrates.

1. Cost

Although epoxy costs more than paint up front, you will likely save more with epoxy in the long run. Painted floors need to be redone every few years as the surface will scratch and peel over time. Epoxy bonds to the concrete below, creating a durable scratch-resistant surface that can last for decades. So the extra money spent upfront on epoxy will be more than recouped over its longer working life.

2. Maintenance

When it comes to daily and long-term maintenance, epoxy is the better choice without question. Painted floors must be swept daily, otherwise, abrasive dirt can scratch the finish. Some floor paints can also absorb stains, which means you have to hose them down or mop more often. Durable epoxy does well with periodic sweeping. It won't absorb stains, so there is no need to pull the hose out unless the spill bothers you.

3. Protection

Garages see a lot of heavy wear, so the right floor treatment is necessary to protect them. Epoxy creates a strong surface bond that doesn't easily crack beneath the weight of a car or heavy piece of equipment. Further, unlike paint epoxy won't chip if you drop a tool or other heavy object on it. Spilled automotive fluids typically won't etch or stain epoxy, but they can damage paint.

4. Safety

Painted floors can be slick, but there are epoxy options to solve this problem. Wet garage floors are the greatest safety risk, but a bit of texture cures the problem. Chipped epoxy contains small vinyl chips in the color of your choice. Not only do these chips provide visual interest, but they also create a variegated surface texture that provides plenty of traction to prevent slips and falls.

5. Appearance

Both epoxy and paint are available in a range of colors, both standard and custom. Epoxy retains its color and sheen better than paint, which tends to fade and dull as it ages. Further, the vinyl chipping option mentioned previously provides even more opportunities to add pops of color and visual interest to the appearance of your floors. 

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